North Star Chronicles I: The Water Horn

[Coming Soon]

Not all stories are meant to stay safely on a page.

Some are meant to be lived.

But not everyone gets to decide their fate.


Hidden Identities. Gypsies. Pirates.

A Mysterious Artifact.

This debut novel has all the classic elements of a captivating adventure!

The Kingdom of Naelynor is quiet, safe and entirely too mundane. From the heights of her castle tower, Princess Braelynne puts quill to parchment, imagining a different life story for herself. A life of adventure where unexpected things happen. A life that doesn’t require layers of silk and lace and fluttering fans. A life that allows her to ride and explore the countryside with her wolfhound by her side – alone and unchaperoned.

And then, unexpected things do start to happen. Following the dreaded arrival of her brother’s betrothed, the escalating plot of Braelynne’s world begins to intensify in ways she could never imagine, shattering the tranquility of her placid life. It all began with the mysterious, handsome stranger – the question was, how would it end?

Before she has time to consider her prospects, the princess finds herself entangled with gypsies, pirates and a nefarious adversary from a secret past. His quest – to find an artifact that doesn’t exist. Or does it? His demands are impossible, the consequences deplorable. Without warning, Braelynne and her companions are plunged into shadowy intrigues and harrowing pursuits beyond their control, testing courage, loyalty, and the possibility of … love.